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WHAT is UAOnline?

UAOnline is a web-based program that includes unofficial transcripts, registration information, financial aid information, employee information, access to the bookstore, Degree Works degree audit system, University of Alaska Distance Education Gateway, class schedule, course catalog, and transfer credit resource site. In other words, it’s your electronic academic advising lifeline to UAF.

WHY should you use UAOnline?

Use UAOnline to locate student contact information, placement test scores, student registration history (including mid-semester grades), review student transcripts and degree audits, enter academic advising notes, and compare transfer institution credit. In other words, UAOnline is your electronic academic advising lifeline to UAF.

HOW do you obtain academic advisor security access for UAOnline?

Faculty advisors typically have instructor security clearance for UAOnline and may only view information concerning students in the courses they are teaching. In order to view information about all your advisees, you must gain academic advisor security access by 1) completing FERPA certification, and 2) submitting the University of Alaska Administrative Access Request form to the  Director of Student Data Systems within the Office of Admissions and the Registrar.

WHERE is UAOnline?

You can access UAOnline directly at uaonline.alaska.edu.   You may login by using your PIN or with your UA Password. View the how-to video on how to login to UAOnline (PIN only).

Links particularly helpful for academic advising found on the homepage include: “Bookstores,’ “Class Schedule,’ “Course Catalog,’ “Dates and Deadlines,’ “Distance Education Gateway,’ “Financial Aid Information,’ and “Transfer Credit Resource Site.’ You don’t need to login to access those links.

HOW do you access advisee information on UAOnline?

Once you are logged in to UAOnline, you will see the welcome page. Click on “Faculty Services.’

The “Faculty & Advisors Menu’ provides many links of use for faculty instructors, however, most of the information pertinent to academic advising is found in the “Student Menu’ or “Advisor Menu.’

You may also access the “Class Schedule Search’ and “Course Catalog’ from this menu without logging out.

The “Faculty & Advisors Student Menu’ provides links to access your advisee listing, student degree program information, student contact information, student semester schedule and registration history, student registration and financial holds, and student admissions and placement test scores (i.e. ACT, SAT, ALEKS, ACCUPLACER). Don’t forget to enter the semester of choice and the student’s id in the “Term Selection’ and “ID Selection’ links.

From the “Faculty & Advisors Menu’ click on the “Advisor Menu’ to access student transcripts, Degree Works electronic degree audits, student transfer credit equivalency for courses evaluated for UAF credit, and your record of student advising appointments and academic advising notes. Don’t forget to enter the semester of choice and the student’s id in the “Term Selection’ and “ID Selection’ links.

WHO do you contact for assistance navigating UAOnline?

If you have a professional staff or faculty advisor in your unit, contact that academic advisor for the school/college for assistance. You may also contact the Academic Advising Center at 907-474-6396 or uaf-advising@alaska.edu for questions concerning academic advising-related issues on UAOnline.  

WHO do you contact if you’re experiencing technical difficulties with UAOnline?

Contact the Office of Admissions and Registrar front desk at admissions@uaf.edu or 907-474-7500 or www.uaf.edu/reg or OIT Support Center Help Desk at www.alaska.edu/oit/sc/support/uaonline.xml or helpdesk@alaska.edu or 907-450-8300.

HELP! This how-to video demonstrates how to get help on UAOnline.

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