Training Modules

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        MODULE        TOPIC
1 Academic Advising at UAF 1A. Learning Outcomes
1B. Mandatory Academic Advising
1C. UAOnline
2 Academic Progress 2A.Mandatory Course Placement
2B. Learning Assistance
2C. Progress Reports
2D. Satisfactory Academic Progress
3 Undergraduate Curriculum 3A. General University Requirements
3B. Core Curriculum
3C. Degree Requirements
3D. Major/Minor Requirements
3E. Alternate Ways to Earn Credit
4 Academic Advising Interaction 4A. Semester Cycle
4B. Anatomy of an Academic Advising Interaction
4C. Communication Skills
5 Educational Planning & Degree Works 5A. Major/Career Exploration
5B. Education/Co-Curricular Plans
5C. Degree Works
5D. Academic Advising Preparation & Registration


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