Here is a list of commonly used forms used by academic advisors when working with students:

Many of the Admission, Registration and Graduation related forms on the list below can be found on the registrars website:


  • Add/drop a class for undergraduate students
  • Add/drop a class for graduate students
  • Credit/No credit options
  • Directed study approval
  • High school student enrollment
  • In-person registration
  • Individual study approval
  • Reinstatement of registration form
  • Residency form
  • Summer Sessions registration

Graduation services

  • Change of major
  • Declaration of minor
  • Graduation application (not compatible with Internet Explorer browsers)
  • Graduation application cancellation
  • Replacement diploma
  • Undergraduate petition
  • Baccalaureate core petition


  • Withdrawal from a class (undergraduate or graduate)
  • Appeal for late withdraw/audit for undergraduate students
  • Late withdrawal for graduate students
  • Total withdrawal (before the deadline)


  • All transcript options
  • Official transcript request


  • Document copying request
  • FERPA release
  • iPhD FERPA Release Form
  • Appeal of Grade
  • Grade appeal policy
  • Request to withhold/release directory information
  • Summer Sessions credit overload approval
  • UA change form
  • Verification of enrollment
  • Affiliate Identity Request
  • Secondary Student Parent/Guardian Agreement
  • Administrative Access Request Form