2A. Mandatory Course Placement

Course placement assessment in English writing/reading and mathematics is mandatory for baccalaureate students who plan on taking Core-designated English, Math/Stat, Perspectives on the Human Condition (PHC) and natural science courses; and for certificate and associate degree students who require those Core-designated courses for their degree or major requirements. Placement tables are published on the Academic Advising Center website. Students who do not meet the minimum required test score will be blocked from enrolling in courses that require writing, reading, or mathematics placement, even after they have met with their academic advisor and completed the registration form.

The math placement assessment only uses the ALEKS PPL program and scores are only in effect for one calendar year from the last test date. Students may only take the ALEKS PPL mathematics placement assessment by accessing the UAF Math Placement website.

The writing/reading placement tests include ACT, SAT, ACCUPLACER, or ASSET test scores and are in effect for two calendar years from the last test date. However, UAOnline will not block enrollment based on the test date, so it is up to the academic advisor to inform the student that they will be required to retest if the test scores are older than the allotted time. Furthermore, students must have completed any prerequisite courses within two calendar years of their enrollment.

Test Scores on UAOnline

Academic advisors may look up student test scores on UAOnline by logging in and clicking on the Faculty Services link and the Student Menu link.   Refer to the UAOnline information in Module 1 for instructions on how to enter UAOnline.  

Download (TIFF, 86KB)

Click on the Test Scores link, select the semester term and student id and all the student’s test scores will be listed.

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Other Course Placement

Students may receive credit for some UAF prerequisite courses for mathematics, English, foreign languages, or Alaska Native languages as UAF Advanced Placement Credit. This is not to be confused with credits earned by students who have earned a minimum score on approved College Board Advanced Placement tests (CEEB).

Students who receive an ACT combined English/Reading score of 60 or higher or a SAT combined Writing/Critical Reading score of 1340 or higher may place directly into ENGL F211X or ENGL F213X. Upon completetion of ENGL F211X or ENGL F213X with a C or higher, the student may receive local advanced placement credit for ENGL F111X.   To receive this credit, students must submit the Application for ENGL F111X Credit form to the Office of Admissions and the Registrar.   The form may be be obtained from the Office of Admissions and the Registrar or the UAF English Department.

If a student is given permission by the instructor to enroll in a Mathematics course above the MATH F251X-level, the student may ask to receive credit for any prerequisite calculus courses. The student must complete MATH F252X, MATH F253X or MATH F302 with a C (2.0) grade or better and may not already have credit for the course requested.

Students must enroll at the 100-level of a foreign language course unless the student has received credit through College Board Advanced Placement, CLEP, or other UAF-approved test, or transfer course credit.

If a student is given permission by the instructor to enroll in an Alaska Native language course above the 101-level, the student may ask to receive credit for up to two immediately preceding Alaska Native language prerequisite courses. The student must have a grade of B (3.0) or higher and may not already have credit for the course requested.

Admissions Test Requirements

Some of the tests used for mandatory course placement are also application requirements for admission to UAF.  Students applying to certificate and associate degree programs must submit ACT, SAT, or ACCUPLACER test scores to the Office of Admissions and the Registrar. No minimum score is required for admission. Students applying for an occupational endorsement program are not required to submit test scores for admissions purposes.

Students applying for a bachelor’s degree program must submit ACT or SAT scores with a minimum ACT Total score of 18 or an SAT total score of 1290 to the Office of Admissions and the Registrar. Students who do not meet the minimum ACT or SAT score will be admitted in pre-major status for their intended bachelor’s degree, or may choose to apply for a certificate or associate degree program instead.

Students in pre-major status are advised like other bachelor degree students.  In order to move to major status, they must complete 14 credits at the 100-level of above with a 2.0 average or higher for those credits. Additionally, 9 of the 14 credits must be baccalaureate Core course credits.


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