Welcome to the Academic Advisor Training & Development

Academic Advisor Training  is designed to prepare new faculty, staff, and peer academic advisors for their role as an undergraduate academic advisor at UAF. This online training course provides academic advisors with the information, tools and resources to be able to conduct meaningful and relevant academic advising interactions with students in order to assist students with developing their personalized education plan.

Please watch this video by Provost Henrichs that explains why academic advising is a critical component of UAF’s teaching mission and how completing this training will benefit you.

The academic advising online training consists of five modules that are full of useful content, video, audio, and resources that will help academic advisors become approachable and effective. Use the “Training Modules’ tab above or “Jump to Modules’ in the box to the right to access the modules.   In particular, academic advisors will learn how to read transcripts and degree audits; understand UAF’s undergraduate curriculum comprised of General Education, Degree, Major, and General University requirements; and gain access to UAOnline, online academic advising notes, and Degree Works.

The information contained within this Academic Advisor Development site is public and may be accessed by any faculty, staff, and student. However, the portal,  with questions concerning each module,  is restricted to faculty, staff, and peer advisors who have completed the  FERPA certification  process (see “FERPA Certification’ tab above).

The audio by Vice Provost Fitts provides directions on how to use this website:

*Note: If you only advise graduate students, you do not need this certificate and some of the information in the modules may not apply.*

To begin, please proceed to Module 1. You will notice arrows at the bottom of each page that will allow you to progress one page to the next. After each module, you may click on the Module Questions Portal (found in the sidebar to the right, but also at the end of each module) in order to access and answer module questions. If you leave after completing any one quiz, any portal will bring you back to where you left off when you return.