5C. Degree Works

DegreeWorks is an online program accessed through UAOnline and serves as a student’s GPS to graduation success. This program is an essential tool for academic advisors and students.

Degree Works replaces printed degree program checksheets and is the official degree audit program for UAF. Students access Degree Works by logging onto UAOnline. Students may also use these detailed directions to enter Degree Works. Watch the  What is DegreeWorks and How Do I Use It?  tutorial to learn how to use Degree Works.

The “What If?’ option is a wonderful tool for students to pull up a degree audit for a degree program they are exploring. Students can play with Degree Works without worrying about hitting a wrong key and impacting their degree audit.   The Office of Admissions and the Registrar provide plenty of FAQs to answer student and academic advisor questions about Degree Works.

Instructions for academic advisors to access Degree Works differ from student instructions, but the “What If’ instructions and FAQS are the same.

How to Read a Transcript  

Even though Degree Works is a degree audit program, academic advisors and students will still want

to access the student’s unofficial transcript on UAOnline.  The instructions for accessing the student transcript are the same as Degree Works except the student or academic advisor clicks on the “Student Academic Transcript’ link instead of the “Degree Works/Electronic Degree Audit’ link.

Use the Transfer Credit Legend to learn how to read the codes associated with the transcript. Practice by using the attached student transcript.

Download (PDF, 52KB)

This student has all kinds of interesting things happening in the transcript, including taking a course at UAF that was already transferred in from another university.

Notice that some transfer courses do not include the title from the transfer university. Academic advisors and students can see the official transfer evaluation by clicking on the “Student Transfer Credit Equivalency’ link underneath the Degree Works link in UAOnline. The transfer evaluation will also include information about courses that did not meet transfer requirements for UAF and were not posted on the UAF transcript.

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