5. Educational Planning & Degree Works

This module provides information about how to develop semester-by-semester educational plans, incorporating co-curricular activities, and run degree audits from Degree Works. Other Degree Works features with step-by-step instructions will be included discussed. Information concerning advising students for registration and major and career exploration will also be presented.

A summary of what every academic advisor should know concludes this module and the e-certification training. When all five module quizzes have been successfully completed, a certificate will be sent to the academic advisor, provost, college/school dean or campus director, and department chair.

Student Timelines  

Educational planning starts before the student sets foot on a UAF campus. Prospective students often visit campus for youth summer programs, campus tours, recruiting events, and other activities. A few may even establish a connection with a faculty or professional advisor as a high school student or even younger.

However, many academic advisors are unaware of the admissions process students traverse as they build up their commitment to attend UAF. Knowing the steps involved and the materials sent to students helps the academic advisor in preparation for the first academic advising interaction with the newly admitted student.  

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Stay on Track    

The University of Alaska system (UA) has invested in a strong, public campaign to help students graduate on time, as appropriate. The Stay on Track program helps students weigh the financial, personal, and professional outcomes of decisions impacting their academic progress. There are several ways for students to participate in Stay on Track activities throughout the year at UAF. Academic advisors can avail themselves of data and resources associated with Stay on Track as a way to supplement the student’s educational and co-curricular plan.

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