3C. Degree Requirements

Degree requirements are not the same as major requirements. UAF has only 13 undergraduate degrees: 8 degree programs at the baccalaureate (Bacc) level, 3 at the associate (Assoc) level, plus certificate (Cert), and occupational endorsement (OE) degree programs. Unless otherwise specified, a grade of D- (0.7) or higher must be earned for a course to be counted towards the degree requirements.

Bacc degrees have specific requirements beyond the Core curriculum. A summary of bachelor’s degree requirements and the baccalaureate Core chart compares the requirements for the Core curriculum and each bachelor’s degree. Academic Advisors advising Bacc students should note that those students will automatically complete the requirements for the Associate of Arts (AA) or Associate of Science (AS) degree once they have completed their Core curriculum, have accumulated at least 60 credits, and completed the general university requirements for Assoc degrees. Students who may be faltering while completing their Bacc degree should be aware that they may have already completed their AA or AS degree while working on their Bacc degree. If they choose to earn an AA or AS degree, they will need to apply for, and pay, a separate fee for graduation.

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Change of Degree    

Students who wish to add, drop, or change their degree at the same level (Bacc, or Assoc/Cert) do so using the Change of Major Form. The department chair or academic advisor’s signature is not necessary for students who want to drop a degree. The student forwards the form to the department chair of the academic area within the additional or new degree program. The department chair will review the request and submit the form to the Office of Admissions and the Registrar to be processed.   If the add or change of degree is approved, the student should see the change in UAOnline within a few weeks.

Students who wish to add or change their degree to a degree at a different level (Bacc to Assoc/Cert, or vice versa) do not use the Change of Major form, but apply for admission into the new level via UAOnline.  

Double Degree & Second Degree    

Double degrees differ from second degrees in that double degrees are completed simultaneously at UAF, so the student graduates with both UAF degrees the same semester. Second degrees differ from double degrees in that the student completes the first degree (at UAF or not) prior to completing the second degree.

UAF Double Degree and Second Degree Comparison

Educational Pathways

Some students need to complete their educational plan in stages and want to complete a skills-based OE, Cert, or AAS degree programs before advancing to Bacc degree programs.   It’s important to help students understand that most of the credits earned in those degrees will not be used towards their Bacc, Core, or major degree requirements, but will be elective credits.   The Educational Pathways chart shows which OE, Cert, and Assoc degree programs most readily lead to which Bacc degree programs.

UAF Educational Pathways

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