2C. Progress Reports

There are several ways to check on your advisee’s academic progress. You can check on each student individually, or you can ask your departmental admininstrative assistant or dean’s office to run reports from the UAF student information database, BANNER, for all students in your major/program, college/school, or campus.

It’s very important that students keep their personal contact information updated each semester. The how-to video for Updating Address and Phone Number shows students how to update their contact information on UAOnline.

The academic calendar provides academic deadline information pertinent to students and academic advisors including Freshman Progress Reports and withdrawal, which is important for student contacts concerning their academic progress.

Early Warning Program

Between the third and sixth week of the semester, the Vice Provost ‘s office emails instructors of baccalaureate core courses and other courses that have been show to have low pass rates and asks them to identify students who are not attending class and/or who have not completed homework or quiz assignments.   An Academic Recovery Team composed of academic advisors representing each college/school reviews the information submitted by the instructors and contacts students who are experiencing academic difficulty early in the semester.

Freshman Progress Reports (Midterm Grades)

Instructors are required to submit mid-term grades onto UAOnline for freshman students by the end of the sixth week of the semester. Freshman students receive an email from the Office of Admissions and the Registrar concerning their Freshman Progress Reports and are encouraged to speak with their instructor and academic advisor about their midterm grades.

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As an academic advisor, you can look up student freshman progress reports on UAOnline by logging in, clicking on the “Faculty Services‘ link, then clicking on the “Student Menu‘ link.

From there, click on the “Registration History‘ link, and select the term and student id. If submitted, the midterm grade will be posted. The final grade will also be listed here.

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The “Registration History‘ link in UAOnline also provides information concerning the status of each enrolled course. Sometimes it’s helpful to know how and when a student enrolled in a course (in-person or on the web) or if a course was cancelled, dropped, or withdrawn by the student or the faculty member.

It is important for academic advisors to contact freshman advisees concerning their freshman progress reports, but midterm grades may exist for any student, so it is good to contact any student who receives low midterm grades. At this point in the semester students are more receptive to referrals to learning assistance programs like the math lab, writing center, or other resources outlined in the Learning Assistance portion of this module.

Some students may not be able to salvage their grade and it may be in their best interest to withdraw from the course. The withdrawal deadline is the 9th Friday of the semester and is listed on the academic calendar. An Add/Drop Form must be turned into the Office of Admissions and the Registrar before the withdrawal deadline. Students should not count on the course instructor to withdraw them from the course. Student-athletes, international students, veterans/active military students, honors students, or UAScholar or Alaska Performance Scholarship students should be referred to their program advisor before considering withdrawing from a course since there may be exceptional ramifications for withdrawing from a course (ex. possible deportation for international student) that outweigh the ramifications for receiving a poor grade for the course

There may be instances where the student and instructor have worked out a change from credit to audit. The form and deadline is the same as the withdrawal deadline.

 Other Reports concerning Academic Progress

If your departmental administrative assistant or dean’s office is not familiar with the following BANNER Student reports, contact the Academic Advising Center at uaf-advising@alaska.edu or 907-474-6396 for BANNER Student reports training and examples of phone and email scripts for contacting students.

SAR2NAR Admitted Student Report

SFR2LGR Freshman Progress Report

SFR2NRS Non-Returning Students Report

SGR2MJR Specific Major/Minor at Campus Report

SHR2DCL Dean’s and Chancellor’s List Report

SHR2PRB Probation Academically Disqualified Report

SHR9OMM Commencement Report


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